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Saluja Punjabi Juti

Surjit Singh Saluja

HomeCompaniesSaluja Punjabi Juti8/8/2009 [Total Votes: 1035, Hits: 2023]Print 'Saluja Punjabi Juti'




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No. 27- 28, Railway Road, Ambala Cantt


Ambala, Haryana [India]

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the genuine and original manufacturers of the famous traditional embroidered Punjabi juti (Footwear) of India. The material used is pure leather. It is soft, lightweight and long lasting. We manufacture the embroided jutis in every size and colour. We make custom based juti as per the buyers requirements. We wish to interact directly with the manufactures and distributors.

In case you find them suitable, for further queries, please feel free to contact us. In case you have a sample, you can sent it to us so that we can make the product as per your requirement and specifications.

We aspire to rekindle your imagination with an overwhelming and mesmerizing range of embroidered juttis. We manufacture and export the most upbeat and trendy designs that encompass all styles !!

Saluja Punjabi Juti has years of solid grounding in manufacturing quality products. The Firm made a humble beginning in the year 1990 and is promoted by handicrafts with over a decade experience, with a single minded motto of devotion to excellence in quality, delivery and price to suit all types of requirements and occasions i.e. it can be for promotional or retail sale, chain stores or wholesale. We are the leading manufacturer of embroidered juttis for men, women & kids.


Our products hold the credit for their excellent quality, beautiful designs and on time delivery schedules. Our range of embroidered juttis includes beads work, sequence work, Thread work. We have got a very admirable collection of designs and new qualities with a very pleasing series for Summers and Winters.

Hi-Fashion Fabric Embroidered/Beaded Footwear

We offer wide range of Men's, Ladies and Children's Leather Footwear are manufactured by one and all, but what we specialize in is Designer Footwear in textile - specially Silk - both plain & embroidered. Footwear including bellies, mojri-bellies, flip-flops, slippers, kolhapuri slippers and sandles.

Zari Embroidered Items

The craft of embroidery in India is as old as the land itself. In the hands of master craftsmen of our land even simple items become works of art. Zardozi is one of the most famous and elaborate techniques in embroidery

Our product range comprises of the wholesale women shoes, men shoes and kids sandals:

Mens Wear : Casual juttis, formal footwear, slippers, chappals etc.
Women Wear : Beaded Punjabi juttis, hand embroidered slippers, leather chappals etc.
Kids Wear : Embriodery juttis

Ladies Footwear

Women's Beaded Shoes/ Jutis
Women's Jari/ Aari/ Thread/ Sequence Work Shoes/ Jutis
Bead/ Jari/ Aari/ Thread/ Sequence Work Slippers
Special Wedding Shoes/Slipper
Wedding Shoes/ Jutis
Wedding Slippers
Bridal Slippers
Pure Leather Shoes/ Jutis & Designer Bells Juttis
Khollapuri & Embroided Chappals

Mens Footwear

Men's Designer Shoes/ Jutis
Men's Slipper
Mens Sherwani Shoes/Jutis
Mens Formal Shoes

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Exporters of Embroieded Jutis, Mojaris, Women Beaded Shoes, Sequence Work Shoes, Sequence Work Slippers, Special Wedding Shoes, Wedding Slippers, Bridal Slippers, Pure Leather Shoes, Designer Bells Juttis, Khollapuri, Embroided Chappals, Uppers, Mens Footwear, Mens Sherwani Shoes, Mens Formal Shoes